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Limon boosts incredibly beautiful and popular beaches and towns with an incredible abundance of wildlife

  • Puerto Viejo - Punta Uva - Manzanillo

    The most visited beach destination on the Caribbean is surely Puerto Viejo. With its Carribean flavor and motto of "Wh'appin?", you can't go wrong. Home of one of the biggest waves in the country, Salsa Brava, brings surfers around the world to this tropical paradise. It is also home to the Jaguar Rescue Center, which helps rehabilitate animals in need is a great place to interact with animals from all over the country. Puerto Viejo, features all of the components of a real Costa Rican paradise.

  • Tortuguero - National Park - Turtles

    Tortuguero National Park is a true natural habitat. Tortuguero, or Turtle Catcher, is only accessible by Air or Water. It contains over 120 sq miles of nature and 25 miles of Carribean Coastline. This allows for the a wide variety of animals. These include 4 plus distinctive varieties of turtles including the Green Sea, Leatherback, and Hawkspill, and Loggerheads. If you visit the park in certain months it is possible to see the turtles hatch. The Lezatherbacks are mainly in the spring while the Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles nest from late summer to early fall. The park is also home to almost then 400 species of birds including a variety of parrots and toucans.

  • Cahuita Beaches & Marine National Park

    This is a great local coastal town with a protected marine area and rain forest

  • Moin - Limon - Costa Rica

    From the Moin area many water tours depart to reach places like Tortuguero or Barra del Colorado along the Caribbean Coast

  • "Limon" The Capital City

    Limon is the capital city of Costa Rica's Limon Province.

Limon At A Glance

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Largest City:
Puerto Limon (pop. 90,000)

339,295 (as of 2000)

9,189 km²
(3,548 sq miles)

Featured Event:
Carnaval (Oct 8-15)

Featured Destination:

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