Moin - Limon - Costa Rica

From the Moin area many water tours depart to reach places like Tortuguero or Barra del Colorado along the Caribbean Coast

If one is thinking of exploring the many canals that lead to Tortuguero, Barra Del Colorado, or navigating the Parismina River Moin is a great place of departure. Moin is famous as the loading point for the banana boats. Here, the massive containers are loaded up and shipped all over the world.Travel times to each destination vary often, depending on logjams, or if the boat slows to show off the native animals. Be prepared for the potential for a long ride, or no boat trips at all, depending on conditions.

Limon At A Glance

Limon Flag

Largest City:
Puerto Limon (pop. 90,000)

339,295 (as of 2000)

9,189 km²
(3,548 sq miles)

Featured Event:
Carnaval (Oct 8-15)

Featured Destination:

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